Case Studies

We’ve produced hundreds of thousands of hours of viral video content from physical products to professional services, and have generated over $200M in revenue for clients through UGC videos.

We know the “what’s, why’s, and how’s” (and everything in between) about creating a piece of content proven to drive clicks and conversions – regardless of who your brand is or what you’re selling, we have the expertise and experience to deliver results catered to your exact needs, like if Gordon Ramsey picked up marketing instead of cooking.
We’ve leveraged everything we’ve learned in years of expertise to be able to provide you with unique, performance-driven content by connecting you directly with in-demand creators who can take your vision and bring it to life – we can even resurrect a previous idea that may have died because a previous service (ahem) wasn’t as good as ours.

How We Did It

We know what clicks and converts!

We wanted to level up the overall experience of working with creators to produce eCommerce videos and UGC. Our library of content creators and influencers allows you the freedom to do just that. We aim to make it easier for you to work directly with the creator to get your video content exactly as you had envisioned it.
But what truly makes us unicorns in the creator economy (unicorn-generated content?) is that the moment you receive your finished video, it’s completely owned by you – forever and ever. You are in full control to share, repurpose, and advertise with it however you like. The (digital) world is your oyster.

Meet the UGC experts.

Need a vibe check?

Simply put, we’re an Emmy®-Nominated team of creators recognized for millions of hours of viral, high-performing eCommerce video content. Oh, and we’ve also already helped generate over $200 million in revenue for our clients.

We’ve always dreamt of creating the largest group of creative minds that the world had to offer, and now, we get to live this dream every day. After spending years developing specific strategies and formulas, we analyze performance data to better understand the psychology of a user on a particular social media platform, and how they respond.

It’s much more than filming and editing videos – and that’s the difference you get with UGCVideos.

Are you ready to tap into our award-winning network of creators that will help your brand scale with content you own?